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Dear interested parties and members of the Vereinigung Cockpit, 

repeatedly, the seals in modern commercial aircraft engines fail, causing cabin air to be contaminated with toxic oil and kerosene vapours. This also affects the health of passengers and flight personnel. On this website we would like to inform you about this topic and provide background information. In case of a stronger contamination of the air in airplanes we speak of a so called "fume-event". This can often be accompanied by an odour nuisance in the aircraft cabin. 

On this website you will find information on the subject of contaminated cabin air, as well as a link list to websites which also share information about the subject. For members of VC we also provide a checklist, the fume-event-guide which contains further necessary information about what should be considered in an acute event.  

Fume-Event-Guide  (registration with VC-member data necessary

If you are an (affected) passenger and would like to know what you can do in case of a fume event, we recommend to visit the website www.anstageslicht.de, which provides a lot of background information and in the category "Aerotoxic Logbook", presents a chronology of all special events and developments on the topic.

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Below you find a short film that gives an introduction into the problem.